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Working papers from 2007

No. Title and author(s)
29/2007 Why reflect reality: an exploratory study on the effectiveness of traditionally attractive models and realistically attractive models in fashion and beauty advertising (pdf, 290KB)
Ben Barry and Simon Bell
28/2007 Stochastic approximation approaches to the stochastic variational inequality problem (pdf, 391KB)
Houyuan Jiang and Huifu Xu
27/2007 ICT and development studies: towards development 2.0 (pdf, 226KB)
Mark Thompson
26/2007 Project webs and new modes of organising in the construction sector: insights from an in-depth comparative case study (pdf, 253KB)
Kate Kenny and Seamas Kelly
25/2007 "Some good clean fun": humour in an advertising agency (pdf, 1.1MB)
Kate Kenny and Gordon Euchler
24/2007 At liberty to court? Autonomy in the development sector (pdf, 199KB)
Kate Kenny
23/2007 Time period unbundling and the transformation of auctions (pdf, 327KB)
Dolores Romero Morales and Richard Steinberg
22/2007 Congestion pricing, Bertrand oligopoly, and forward contracts for bandwidth (pdf, 431KB)
Miklós Reiter and Richard Steinberg
21/2007 Institutional entrepreneurship in the Linux certification field: the role of discursive strategies and social positioning (pdf, 335KB)
Michael Barrett, Somya Joshi and Geoff Walsham
20/2007 A diagnostic for lock-in (pdf, 415KB)
Paul Kattuman and Michael Lewis
19/2007 Telecommunications in small economies: the impact of liberalization and alternative technologies on universal service (pdf, 453KB)
Pavlos C. Symeou and Michael G. Pollitt
18/2007 Knowledge sharing in cross-cultural software teams (pdf, 300KB)
Michael Barrett and Eivor Oborn
17/2007 Accomplishing institutional work: the role of visibility in multidisciplinary service innovation (pdf, 224KB)
Michael Barrett, Panos Constantinides and Eivor Oborn
16/2007 Boundary relations: technological objects and the restructuring of workplace boundaries (pdf, 361KB)
Michael Barrett, Eivor Oborn, Wanda Orlikowski and JoAnne Yates
15/2007 Robust newsvendor competition (pdf, 760KB)
Houyuan Jiang, Serguei Netessine and Sergei V. Savin
14/2007 Network capacity management competition (pdf, 384KB)
Houyuan Jiang
13/2007 The role of marketing departments in entrepreneurial firms and its impact on the market orientation-performance relationship (pdf, 174KB)
Omar Merlo and Simon Bell
12/2007 Empirical copulas for CDO tranche pricing using relative entropy (pdf, 395KB)
M.A.H. Dempster, Elena Medova and Seung Yang
11/2007 A wavelet optimised method for financial derivatives (pdf, 1.46MB)
Benjamin Carton de Wiart and M.A.H. Dempster
10/2007 Bayesian analysis and Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation (pdf, 386KB)
Elena Medova
09/2007 Developing an integrated assessment model for the CMI low energy building design tool: final report (pdf, 595KB)
Stephan Alberth, Chris Hope and Risako Morimoto
08/2007 Probabilistic CBA assessment of the CMI SMART Sensor System Project (pdf, 286KB)
Risako Morimoto, Chris Hope and Stephan Alberth
07/2007 On 'considering' internationalization: how do perceived resource-based constraints matter? (pdf, 447KB)
Carsten Zimmermann and Paul A. Kattuman
06/2007 Regulating financial conglomerates (pdf, 529KB)
Xavier Freixas, Gyöngyi Lóránth and Alan D. Morrison
05/2007 Incentive problems in financial conglomerates (pdf, 533KB)
Gyöngyi Lóránth
04/2007 Regulation of multinational banks: a theoretical enquiry (pdf, 499KB)
Giacomo Calzolari and Gyöngyi Lóránth
03/2007 A study of inefficient going concerns in bankruptcy (pdf, 391KB)
Julian Franks and Gyöngyi Lóránth
02/2007 Human resource management with 'Asian' characteristics: a hybrid people-management system in East Asia (pdf, 323KB)
Ying Zhu, Malcolm Warner and Chris Rowley
01/2007 Expatriate managers in China: the influence of Chinese culture on cross-cultural management (pdf, 202KB)
Keith Goodall, Na Li and Malcolm Warner

Other working papers by members of our Faculty

Published by the University of Cambridge Electricity Policy Working Group

No. Title and author(s)
31/2007 A new energy security paradigm for the twenty-first century
William J. Nuttall and Devon L. Manz
29/2007 Transmission expansion in Argentina 5: the Regional Electricity Forum of Buenos Aires Province
Stephen C. Littlechild and Eduardo A. Ponzano
28/2007 Financing capture ready coal-fired power plants in China by issuing capture options
Xi Liang, Jia Li, Jon Gibbons and David Reiner
27/2007 An agent based simulation of smart metering technology adoption
Tao Zhang and William J. Nuttall
25/2007 Evaluating the evidence on electricity reform: lessons for the South East Europe (SEE) market
Michael Pollitt
24/2007 Liberalisation and regulation in electricity systems: how can we get the balance right?
Michael Pollitt
21/2007 Electricity network investment and regulation for a low carbon future
Michael Pollitt and Janusz Bialek
20/2007 Calculating the social cost of carbon
Chris Hope and David Newbury
18/2007 Reference models and incentive regulation of electricity distribution networks: an evaluation of Sweden's Network Performance Assessment Model (NPAM)
Tooraj Jamasb and Michael Pollitt
17/2007 Distinguishing weak and strong disposability among undesirable outputs in DEA: the example of the environmental efficiency of Chinese coal-fired power plants
Hongliang Yang and Michael Pollitt
16/2007 Incorporating undesirable outputs into Malmquist TFP index: environmental performance growth of Chinese coal-fired power plants
Hongliang Yang and Michael Pollitt
15/2007 Municipal aggregation and retail competition in the Ohio energy sector
Stephen Littlechild
14/2007 The arguments for and against ownership unbundling of energy transmission
Michael Pollitt
13/2007 Incorporating the price of quality in efficiency analysis: the case of electricity distribution regulation in the UK
William Yu, Tooraj Jamasb and Michael Pollitt
12/2007 Incorporating both undesirable outputs and uncontrollable variables into DEA: the performance of Chinese coal-fired power plants
Hongliang Yang and Michael Pollitt
10/2007 Can nuclear power be flexible?
Laurent Pouret and William J. Nuttall
09/2007 Comparison of international regulatory organizations and licensing procedures for new nuclear power plants
Alexandre Bredimas and William J. Nuttall
08/2007 Industry restructuring, mergers and efficiency: evidence from electric power
John Kwoka and Michael Pollitt
06/2007 2006 EPRG public opinon survey on energy security: policy preferences and personal behaviour
David M. Reiner
05/2007 The bird in hand: stipulated settlements and electricity regulation in Florida
Stephen Littlechild
01/2007 Incentive regulation of electricity distribution networks: lessons of experience from Britain
Tooraj Jamasb and Michael Pollitt

Published by the Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

Title and author(s)
A report on the transatlantic financial services regulatory dialogue
Kern Alexander, Eilis Ferran, Howell Jackson and Niamh Moloney