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Working papers from 2009

No. Title and author(s)
07/2009 Putney to Mortlake: on the microfoundations of endogenous agency (pdf, 306KB) [amended title]
Mark de Rond and Jako Lok
06/2009 From nausea to method: on the generative potential of dreams in organisational research
Mark de Rond
05/2009 Collaborative leadership (pdf, 346KB)
Arnoud De Meyer
04/2009 Where has everyone gone? Re-integrating people into accounts of organisational practice (pdf, 221KB)
Mark Thompson
03/2009 The endogeneity bias in the relationship between employee commitment and job satisfaction (pdf, 257KB)
George Saridakis, Rebeca Muñoz Torres and Paul Tracey
02/2009 Exploring the strategic potential of pay: are we expecting too much? (pdf, 366KB)
Jonathan Trevor
01/2009 HRM and Asian socialist economies in transition: China, Vietnam and North Korea (pdf, 234KB)
Ngan Collins, Ying Zhu and Malcolm Warner

Other working papers by members of our Faculty

Published by the University of Cambridge Electricity Policy Working Group

No. Title and author(s)
30/2009 Comparing electricity distribution network costs and revenues in New South Wales and Great Britain (pdf, 424KB)
Bruce Mountain and Stephen Littlechild
29/2009 Electricity liberalisation in the European Union: a progress report (pdf, 1.06MB)
Michael G. Pollitt
28/2009 UK retailers and climate change: the role of partnership in climate strategies (pdf 1.26MB)
Aoife Brophy Haney, Ian W. Jones and Michael G. Pollitt
27/2009 Predicting the cost of unplanned shutdowns of power stations: an accelerator-driven subcritical reactor case study (pdf, 2.42MB)
Steven J. Steer, William J. Nuttall, Geoffrey T. Parks and Leonardo V.N. Gonçalves
25/2009 Making combined heat and power district heating (CHP-DH) networks in the United Kingdom economically viable: a comparative approach (pdf, 1.54MB)
Scott Kelly and Michael Pollitt
24/2009 Modelling the costs of energy crops: a case study of U.S. corn and Brazilian sugar cane (pdf, 1.59MB)
Aurelie Méjean and Chris Hope
23/2009 Agent-based simulation of technology adoption: possible phenomenologies associated with consumer shifts to local electricity generation (pdf, 421KB)
David Hamilton, William J. Nuttall and Fabien A. Roques
21/2009 Slaves to oil: exploring parallels between the abolition of slavery and the challenge of climate change mitigation (pdf, 329KB)
William J. Nuttall
18/2009 Public and social acceptability of geological disposal of carbon dioxide and radioactive waste: similarities and differences (pdf, 440KB)
David M. Reiner and William J. Nuttall
07/2009 The welfare implications of oil privatisation: a cost-benefit analysis of Norway's Statoil (pdf, 515KB)
Christian Wolf and Michael G. Pollitt
04/2009 Nuclear energy in the enlarged European Union (pdf, 294KB)
William J. Nuttall
05/2009 Smart metering and electricity demand: technology, economics and international experience (pdf, 1.31MB)
Aoife Brophy Haney, Tooraj Jamasb and Michael Pollitt
02/2009 Does liberalisation cause more electricity blackouts? Evidence from a global study of newspaper reports (pdf, 381KB)
William Yu and Michael Pollitt
01/2009 Electricity sector liberalisation and innovation: an analysis of the UK patenting activities (pdf, 483KB)
Tooraj Jamasb and Michael Pollitt