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Working papers from 2010

No. Title and author(s)
06/2010 Ecosystem advantage: how to boost your success by harnessing the power of partners (pdf, 214KB)
Peter Williamson and Arnoud De Meyer
05/2010 Knowledge translation in healthcare: a review of the literature (pdf, 301KB)
Eivor Oborn, Michael Barrett and Girts Racko
04/2010 Thriving in open innovation ecosystems: toward a collaborative market orientation (pdf, 363KB)
Chander Velu, Michael Barrett, Rajiv Kohli and Torsten Oliver Salge
03/2010 Exploring critical realism as the theoretical foundation of mixed-method research: evidence from the economics of IS innovations (pdf, 314KB)
Markos Zachariadis, Susan Scott and Michael Barrett
02/2010 Collaborative leadership: new perspectives in leadership development (pdf, 316KB)
Arnoud De Meyer
01/2010 Labour markets in China: coming to terms with globalisation (pdf, 208KB)
Malcolm Warner

Other working papers by members of our Faculty

Published by the University of Cambridge Electricity Policy Working Group

No. Title and author(s)
30/2010 New models of public ownership in energy
Aoife Brophy Haney and Michael G. Pollitt
29/2010 The effect of CO2 pricing on conventional and non-conventional oil supply and demand
Aurélie Méjean and Chris Hope
27/2010 Estimating marginal cost of quality improvements: the case of the UK electricity distribution companies
Tooraj Jamasb, Luis Orea and Michael G. Pollitt
26/2010 The economics of the Nord Stream pipeline system
Chi Kong Chyong, Pierre Noël and David M. Reiner
21/2010 Is privatisation enough? Finding performance breaks for UK power plants
Thomas P. Triebs and Michael G. Pollitt
20/2010 Weather factors and performance of network utilities: a methodology and application to electricity distribution
Tooraj Jamasb, Luis Orea and Michael G. Pollitt
18/2010 Minimising the cost of innovative nuclear technology through flexibility: the case of a demonstration accelerator-driven subcritical reactor park
Michel-Alexandre Cardin, Steven J. Steer, William J. Nuttall, Geoffrey T. Parks, Leonardo V.N. Gonçalves and Richard de Neufville
17/2010 The creation of a market for retail electricity supply
Stephen Littlechild
13/2010 Hedging against technology risks of the accelerator system of a first-of-a-kind accelerator-driven subcritical reactor
Steven J. Steer, Michel-Alexandre Cardin, William J. Nuttall, Geoffrey T. Parks and Leonardo V.N. Gonçalves
05/2010 Supplying synthetic crude oil from Canadian oil sands: a comparative study of the costs and CO2 emissions of mining and in-situ recovery
Aurélie Méjean and Chris Hope
02/2010 UK renewable energy policy since privatisation
Michael G. Pollitt